Diagnosis of the Day 8

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Filmography Syndrome – When a fangirl develops a celebrity crush and proceeds to marathon their entire filmography. Behavior is dystonic when daily activities and responsibilities are inhibited and fangirl’s tolerance of horrible Lifetime movies increases significantly.  FS can progress out of other disorders and can be listed as a specifier (i.e. Death Stan Disorder with FS features). 

Diagnosis of the Day 7

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Spontaneous Missionary Syndrome (SMS)

When a fangirl responds to strongly to a new tv show, movie, book, etc. that she has an immediate, uncontrollable urge to convert other people to the interest. She argues more frequently, directing all conversation to the positives of the interests.  And if the interest is a TV show, she will often resort to holding friends and family members hostage until they have marathoned an inordinate number of episodes with her. Friends who are converted under this coercion may be diagnosed with Spontaneous Missionary Stockholm Syndrome (SMSS). 

Diagnosis of the Day 6

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BMW Syndrome

When a fangirl becomes disoriented regarding a female celebrity and/or fictional character, not certain whether she wants the female to be her best friend, mother, or wife. Ability to complete daily activities and work or school responsibilities is impaired with this syndrome.  Milder version is the BMW Crush, which is not dystonic. 

Diagnosis of the Day 5

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Girl Crush Projection Disorder

When a real life BAMF reminds a fangirl of a fictional character, the fangirl proceeds to obsess over the woman, imitating her appearance and actions, rather than seeking to build a healthy friendship or mentorship.  Lines between fiction and reality blur more significantly than normal. 

Diagnosis of the Day 4

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Obsessive Imagination Disorder 

When a fangirl is constantly imagining scenarios regarding her OTP throughout the day, in so that it inhibits the accomplishment of life responsibilities, including hygiene and basic social functioning.  Subtypes include OID with Domestic Scenario, OID with Smut Scenario, OID with Musical Accompaniment, and OID with Mixed Features. 

Do you suffer from OID? Get help today.

Diagnosis of the Day 3

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Canon Conduct Disorder

Type 1: When a canonshipper frequently becomes visibly enraged at crackshippers within the same fandom. Symptoms include tumblr tag bashing, leaving inappropriate and aggressive fanfiction reviews, and frequent whiny tweets. 

Type 2: When a crackshipper frequently becomes visibly enraged at canonshippers within the same fandom. Symptoms same as Type 1. Exceptions include Rizzles shippers, who have a God-given right to be furious.

Which type have you had in the past?

Diagnosis of the Day 2

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Passive Aggressive Possession Syndrome (PAPS) 

When a fangirl becomes so hyper-focused on a character that she begins to act like she owns a character(s) and belittles others who make interpretations of character development that contradict her own. She engages in frequent, non-directive ambiguous complaints on various social media outlets.

Do you suffer from PAPS? Get the help you need today.


Diagnosis of the Day 1

November 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ll be adding a diagnosis to the site every day until the book is published. Let me know if you have something I haven’t included.

Diagnosis of the day:

Death Stan Disorder

When a fangirl’s favorite character dies on a TV show, and she continues to watch only to make angry comments on social media about how the show was so much better with her favorite character. She is unable to ship any remaining characters and/or participate in other squee-related behavior. Behavior is only diagnosable and dystonic if it lasts for more than one season after the character dies.  Also can apply to characters who leave rather than die.

Exceptions include: any Walking Dead character for purposes of the author’s own disillusionment and denial.


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