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FGT_-_ch10-2_daydreaming_fangirlAngst- fanfiction that is dark and depressing, often in which characters suffer from not being able to be together or unrequited love.

ATTHS – Acronym meaning “and then they have sex.” Can be used when a fic writer does not want to write an explicit sex scene.

AU- Acronym for Alternate Universe. Type of fanfiction that puts characters into different worlds or scenarios than canon storyline.

BAMF – bad ass mother f***er. Among fangirls it often refers to a strong, independent female character.

BAMFsference – portmanteau of “BAMF” and “transference.” When a fangirl is attracted to a ladyBAMF’s love interest simply because they worship and respect the BAMF.

Beta – a person who edits and proofreads fanfiction.

BroTP– Play on the word OTP, referring to a fangirl’s favorite two characters who are best friends.

Canon – the official storyline established by the author, tv show creator, etc. When a ship is referred to as canon, it is real in the show, book, etc.

Cosplay – shorter for “costume play,”; when fans dress up to portray a fictional character

Crackship – a romantic pairing that is unlikely to happen.

Creys – a more intense form of feels, usually following a negative development in plot. “My Crey” is the phrase often uttered.

Crossover– a fic where characters from different tv shows, books, etc. interact. It can also refer to a TV show where characters from different shows interact.

Done – used by fangirl to describe when something excites her or causes an intense emotional reaction, positive or negative.

Dude blindness – when a fangirl is so focused on female characters that she cannot distinguish between male actors.

Fandom – the community formed by fans of a tv show, book, movie, band, etc.

Fanfiction– story written by a person who did not create the original character or plot.

Fangirl – a lady fan

Fanvid – a fanmade video often consisting of clips accompanied by music.

Feels – fangirl word for “feelings.” Refers to intense wave of emotion that is wanted and often unavoidable.

Fic – abbreviation for fanfiction.

Fluff– type of fanfiction that is typically happy, often G rated, involving shameless flirting between characters and little to no plot.

FoeTP – two fictional people who make the perfect nemeses.

Gif – computer image that moves as animation. Used by fangirls in lieu of words to express their emotions and reactions. Some debate over whether it is pronounced with a hard or soft g sound. (It’s a hard G.)

GPOY– Acronym for Gratuitous Picture of Yourself. Often used when a fangirl relates to a picture.

Hairporn – Really, really, really pretty hair as captured on film.

HBIC – Acronym for Head Bitch in Charge.

Headcanon – When a fandom accepts additional information/narrative about a character that is not in the book, show, movie, etc.

Hiatus – period describing when a TV show is on break

I can’t– phrase uttered by fangirl when she is overcome with emotion. Usually interchangeable with the word “done.”

I hate your face – phrase uttered by fangirl when an actor/actress is ridiculously attractive.

Jump the shark – when a show begins to decline in quality because writers use desperate gimmicks to get viewers’ attention. Phrase originates from a scene in Happy Days when Fonzie jumps over a shark on water skis.

Ladygoggles – metaphorical eye gear for watching a TV show strictly for the female characters.

Life-ruiner– someone who is so unbelievable perfect that it ruins your life.

Manip – short for photo manipulation; often what crackshippers craft to show two characters kissing.

NoTP – Opposite of OTP. A fangirl’s least favorite pairing.

OOC – Acronym for “Out of character.” Used in role playing when a person wants to step outside of character, or when a fangirl describes a character’s actions as not authentic to the original character.

OFB – Acronym for “Outrageously Fancy Behavior.”

OTP – Acronym for “One True Pairing.” A fangirl’s favorite fictional romantic relationship, often the one that causes the most pain and suffering.

Ship – n. abbreviation for “relationship” v. to want two characters to be involved in a romantic relationship.

Sorkining – fast-paced sanctimonious speechifying with a liberal bent. Can be Ambulatory Sorkining (brisk walking down office hallways) or Stationary.

Smut- fanfiction that is erotic in nature.

Squee – portmanteau of the words “squeal” and “glee.” Natural onomatopoetic noise released from the fangirl when she is excited.

Squeeflail – When a fangirl produces the “squee” sound while moving her body in excitement, usually imitating a bird flapping its wings.

Stan – portmanteau of “stalker” and “fan.” Also sometimes refers to a fan who is less concerned with ships and more focused on the celebrity/character as an individual.

Sweeps week – Periods where rates for TV ads are set based on the number of viewers. Orginiated when the Nielson Company sent TV Diaries to households and asked them to record their TV viewing habits. Usually something dramatic or shark jumping happens on shows to increase viewership. This method is a dying practice, however, with many shows no longer on traditional networks and fewer seasons running on the fall to spring schedule.

TGTGT – Acronym for Totally Gratuitous Totally Gay Touching.

What is air – question asked by the fangirl when she is unable to breathe from laughing so hard.


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