Here’s what fangirls have to say about The Fangirl Life! 


I’ve never read anything like The Fangirl Life. This book is witty, insightful, informative and thoughtfully delivered. It captures the experience of fangirling in a way that fangirls can appreciate and that those who are unfamiliar with the concept can picture for themselves. It provides a window into a world that gets a bad rap, and a lifestyle that is misunderstood and underappreciated.  – @delenasdragon

As a lifelong fan in many fandoms, I found The Fangirl Life to be a fun ride into the life of ALL types of fans. Hardcore fan or casual lover, chances are you will find things in this book that make you laugh at loud as you recall encountering them, or being them! I can easily see fans from 15 to 50 and beyond needing this book in the “must have” section on their shelf or shrine (lol!) of collectibles. – Amy Hood, Writer/Reporter, @OnceUponAFan

If you’ve ever wanted two fictional people to kiss more than you’ve ever actually wanted to kiss someone yourself, The Fangirl Life is for you. And you are not alone! -@ShipperJunkie

The Fangirl Life is an inspiring handbook for fangirls of all ages as they blossom into the BAMF fanwomen they’re destined to become. It teaches us how to apply the tools we already have to aid us in our paths to world domination while still staying true to our character and our passions during the process. The Fangirl Life is full of feels inducing references that will resonate with everyone who’s ever been invested in a fandom and it’s a must read for anyone needing that extra confidence boost to help them maximize their potential in the journey that is life! – Kristin Hackett,

Kathleen Smith shows us how to direct our pursuits in fandom into IRL accomplishments without losing touch with our inner fangirl. – Cori, Geek Girl Brunch Officer

As a fangirl, having the knowledge that we all exist in this crazy obsessive world together helps coping with the feels our OTP leaves us with. Kathleen Smith perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to discover a new obsession and watch as it eats away at you, but she does it in a way that shows us all that we’re not alone in this fangirl world. – @RachelLeishman

A self-help book about the fangirl life that sent my inner BAMF a flutter. The struggle to adult whilst binge watching 2 TV shows, drooling over Claire Underwood’s wardrobe and Julianna Margulies’ eyebrows and keeping up to date with 8 TV shows just got a little less real. – Jess Aston, @JoRowlingNet

The Fangirl Life has helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. The lessons Kathleen teaches in her pop culture peppered pages can be applied across all aspects of your life, not just those fangirl tendencies. Kathleen’s friendly and approachable writing style make this a fun and invaluable life tool. – Emily Farquharson, Founder….


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