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Anonymous fanfic-scrapping addict writes,

Long story short, I’m addicted to going ‘screw it’ and throwing all the fanfic I write in the fire. Why???

I want to write something! My writing’s not bad, is it? Everyone else likes it. My ideas aren’t too shabby. But every time I get past a few pages, I just feel the need to delete the whole thing and start over. It’s infuriating. Why can’t I finish any project?

Help please. I need to know why this is happening and why I keep rejecting my own headcanon.

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Escape Artist

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Anonymous writes,

So I get lost in my headcanon. A lot. It happens at work, at home, on the bus. . . After a CBT therapy last year, I realized that this behaviour could be an escapist response to my anxiety. I have since been trying to teach my brain not to go there all the time.

The only issue is that getting lost in my headcanon is the only way I’m able to write fic. Now that I’m trying to limit myself, my fic ideas remain unwritten. I’m afraid that if I indulge in them, I’ll just end up in an escapist fantasy again.

Any suggestions as to how I can still write my fic and be mindful?

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