Fangirl Dilemma – Real Life Responsibilities

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

The other day on twitter I asked you what fangirl dilemmas were causing problems for you.

Rina asked about the conflict between fangirl duties and “real life” responsibilities. She described it as, “A tough balancing act I’ve yet to master.”

That is a fantastic question. When I think about balance, my mind often jumps to the conclusion that the only way I can accomplish all of my real life responsibilities (and goals for that matter) is to cash out my fangirl IRA and retire. To settle into a blasé adult life and look upon my days of creys with nostalgia, telling youngsters how many miles I walked in the snow to get to a wifi hotspot. But a piece of me would like to think that I don’t have to ever retire. That I will someday be in assisted living on Mars, asking a nurse’s aide to beta my fic.

I think when examining the relationship between the two worlds, you have to think about how and when fangirling is a reaction to what is happening in your life. We use it as a distraction, a way to hide behind the challenges and responsibilities that loom. But what would happen if you reversed that process, and your life’s goals and responsibilities became the dependent variable? How could fangirling be a catalyst for the changes you do want to make? How could you absorb the powers of your favorites BAMFs and then move in the direction that takes you?

Fangirling as a distraction from life is not the problem. The problem is that we don’t consider how to spin that interaction 180 degrees and let our lives be influenced by our fangirl passions.

Hope that helps Rina! If anyone has a dilemma or thought they’d like to share, you can leave it here or tweet me @fangirltherapy

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