Tell People What You Want 2014

January 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

I want what I’m worth. – Diane Lockhart, The Good Wife

Hi folks!

Just checking in to see how your 2014 is going in fangirl world. And to remind you of rule #1 on the road to being a fanwoman. Tell people what you want.

So often we wait for the right opportunity, the right conversation, or the right job posting to go after what we want in life. In 2014 I want to challenge you not to wait for the right moment, and instead to just go for things whenever the hell you want to.

So many of our favorite fictional characters stand out to us because they refuse to take less than what they really deserve, and they strike not while the iron is hot but whenever they damn well please. And those people in real life who have better jobs than you and better luck? Maybe they have connections that you don’t, or opportunities that you haven’t. But a majority of them have what they have because they are not afraid to tell people what they want.

You want a new job in 2014? A raise? A better relationship? More friends? A cool internship? A real life mentor? Tell someone.

I have had organizations create internships and jobs for me that didn’t exist before, and there wasn’t anything more special about me personally than the simple fact that I was the first person to ask them. It’s amazing what can happen when you email or call a person and say, “I want to work with you. How do we make this happen?” Or tell an acquaintance, “I really admire you. Can we be friends?”

I’m going to be working on this goal myself in 2014, and I hope that you’ll join me. Send me a tweet or an email and let me know how it goes!


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