fangirl dilemma: real life lady crushin

August 12, 2014 § 1 Comment

Rose asks,

What do you do when you start fangirling over people in your personal life? Like, I can cope with crying over Sasha Alexander’s hair while cocooned in a blanket at 3am, but I don’t really know how to handle the real life swooning and endless weeping when your friend crushes become too much to handle. Thank you for your input ūüôā

Thanks, Rose. First of all, why don’t you write up a little how-to on that Sasha hair survival method, because I have a heap of followers on twitter who are put out of commission¬†by her locks about 3.5 times a day. It would be nice to know there’s hope for them!


Okay, sorry, I just got distracted for thirty minutes looking for hairporn gifs in tumblr. . .

ANYWAY, YES, FRIEND CRUSHES. First of all, congratulations on having friends who are crush-worthy. Many people don’t ever make the effort to get to know people whom they admire.¬†

I think the mistake most fangirls make is that they try to get over their intense admiration of the friend. But honestly, why hide that little light of yours under a bushel when it will only just burst into flames anyway? Don’t snuff out your feelings. Let them be. Respect the fangirl nature.¬†

The problem here is that you aren’t applying the same dedication to yourself. Give yourself a little self-esteem boost. Tell yourself how amazing you are. Inspire yourself. Write a letter to yourself and put it in the mail.¬†Leave yourself a voicemail.¬†


You are fucking wonderful Rose, and it is okay to say that. Go say that in the mirror three times right now. Get up. Do it. Do it now. 

Don’t worry about people saying you have an ego. Don’t feel like you have to dismiss your accomplishments or the compliments that come your way. The sooner you learn to have a mega fangirl crush¬†on yourself, the less¬†you’ll be weeping over your friends. You’ll still get giddy over them, but you know what’s even better? Getting excited that¬†you¬†get to be you. I mean what a phenomenal casting choice, am I right? You’ll¬†grin¬†at that very realization¬†as you lay¬†awake in the dark. And perhaps you’ll dream about where life will lead you,¬†with a sprinkle of Sasha hair added for good measure.¬†



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