BAMF Necklace Giveaway!

November 6, 2014 § 17 Comments

Okay ladies and gentleladies, get ready.  Because we’re going to be giving away a kickass BAMF talisman (taliswoman?) from my very favorite Etsy shop, Fair Quarry.


My BAMF necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry, and it comes from Siona’s shop.  She makes necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry that carry secret messages in tap code or Morse code. For those not familiar with tap code, it’s been used for centuries among prisoners to communicate with each other in solitary confinement. But now it can be your stealth way to remind yourself who you are.  I love Siona’s work because it’s a beautiful means to carry a reminder throughout the day of your strength, how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed.


“I know what it’s like to both carry a difficult identity and feel ambivalent about naming it too vocally,” she writes. “These bracelets honor that ambivalence: the meaning of their subtle dots and dashes is clear to those who know the code, but to anyone else they look like a simple adornment. It’s up the wearer to let others in.”

So thanks to Siona’s awesome craftsladyship, we’re going to be giving away a BAMF tap code necklace! If you want to enter, visit Fair Quarry and look around. Leave a message on this post sharing your favorite piece in the shop, and I’ll pick the winner with a random number generator.

bamf2Who Can Enter: Fangirls in the US (sorry international folks!)

Deadline: Next Wednesday, Nov 12 at 5pm EST.

That’s not all! If you see something you like, you can use the code FANGIRL on Etsy for 20% off. (Siona asked me to pass on that her favorite pieces are customized, and not to be shy to contact her if there’s something you’d like captured but can’t quite find the words.)




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