A Letter to My Fangirl Friends

July 1, 2016 § 2 Comments


Dear friends,

On Tuesday morning, my book will be a book. I don’t expect to feel any less anxious than I normally do. I’ll still have to show up to my 27 jobs and slog through my weekly to-do list. Life will go on, and my little contribution to the fangirl world will escape most people’s notice.

Sure there will be glamorous parts to promoting a book. I mean I get to go to Comic Con for god’s sake. But when people ask me what’s the most rewarding part of this whole adventure, I want you to know that I’m not thinking about the fact that I wrote a book. I’m thinking about you.

What a gift it is to find women who love, and ship, and cry, and dare to imagine that fiction is as real as we need it to be. To find women who aren’t afraid to admit that an actress they’ve never met has an incredible influence on what they say, and what they wear, and how they stand back up again after they fall down. It takes courage to live an imaginative adulthood. You have shown me that courage. You give me a piece of it every time you help me root for myself or remind me what my current fave would say if she were real and if she were right here with us.

As fangirls, we frequently bemoan the lack of female friendships on television shows. Women are surrounded by men, and if they have a female peer, they are instant rivals. “Where have all the strong female friendships gone?” we ask. But when I really meditate on that question, I realize that they are right here among us. We’re living them.

My book might be popular for a week, or a month, or maybe a year if I’m one of the lucky ones. But like many of our interests, it will fade into the background as new ideas and new idea makers take its place. But the friendships that I’ve made? They will still be here. We’ll still be crying about fictional loves lost and found when we’re 80. We’ll still talk about that one character who gave us that needed nudge at the fork in the road. And we’ll still marvel about how we managed to find each other in most formidable climate that ever existed: The Internet.

So my fangirl friends, I want to thank you for entering into my story and making me a part of yours. I can’t wait to see what schemes and feelings and adventures we’ll uncover this year and beyond.  The future may be uncertain, but I’m sure of one thing: You are my endgame. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.






§ 2 Responses to A Letter to My Fangirl Friends

  • TheWife101 says:

    Well said! Thank you! ♡

  • Hilda says:

    First of all, YAy a book about fangirling! 🙂 Second, am I a fangirl? One of my “obsessions” was to watch what I thought was a cool girl on Twitch.tv . I would watch her streams with awe and fascination because she is like an alter ego me. I love to play games online and sorta a townboyish who can speak with my brother about games.my reason for my “obsession for viewing this girl on twitch is because I saw her as my imaginary friend and role model…except when she drank herself silly on stream. That is when the disappointment comes. I also would feel good and happy after watching her streams and disappointed when I missed them. So, does that qualify me as a fangirl– and why WHY do I get attached to real people who stream? Sorry for the blah blah. 🙂

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