Is Real-Life Shipping Creepy?

July 27, 2016 § 4 Comments



Ksenia writes,

Hi Kathleen!

All the hugs to you for sharing your experiences of becoming a living legend with us :)))))

May I ask what your stance is on shipping real-life people? So many people degrade it as ‘yikes’, ‘gross’, ‘leave them alone’… But what I mean is the non-creepy, non-intrusive investment into the dynamics between the two single people (can be either or both celebrities and friends or acquaintances), being made incredibly happy by any interaction between the two people. All within a certain context of course, not without it, when it is not a delusional daydream but a half-baked reality at least. 😀

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Normal People Problems

February 24, 2016 § Leave a comment


X writes,

Hi! My problem is that normal people don’t interest me anymore. The only people I care about are either fictional or celebrities. It’s not that I don’t have friends–I do. But I’m always unfamiliar with the topic they are talking about, which is always either a ‘cute’ boy (which I confuse with another boy) or a popular girl I have no idea about.

I don’t want to know every gossip. But I want to be able to join the conversation and say my opinion rather than just sitting uncomfortably wondering who they are talking about or saying, ‘Hey something like that happened to (insert celebrity name here) too!’

I feel really lonely when we meet with my friends or when I try to avoid sleepovers and things like that. 
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An Unscripted Life

November 17, 2015 § Leave a comment


Unrequited Lover writes,

I have crushes on fictional characters. I know that I will never meet them and that there is no chance that we could ever be together, but I still refuse to accept it. I can’t even wrap my head around it.

Having such strong feelings for fictional characters is interfering with my real life. If someone ever asks me on a date, it’s very rare that I’ll even consider it, because of the feelings I have for characters that don’t exist. It’s starting to get out of hand, and I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities. Help me please!

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