How to Speak Fangirl

September 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

My latest from Thought Catalog. 

Being bilingual is an essential life skill in this day and age. Unfortunately, linguists have failed to recognize that Fangirl is a growing dialect that infiltrates the Internet, pop culture, and beyond.

The fangirl is the thirteen-year-old crying in the school bathroom when a One Direction member won’t reply to her tweet. She’s the college student at Comic-Con parading in full Battlestar Galactica gear. She’s also your forty-five-year-old boss who got fired for writing erotic Harry Potter fanfiction on her work laptop.

Fangirls have suffered among those peoples whose accused deficit in social functioning has historically justified their persecution, such as English Majors or gingers.  So if you’d like to play a role in rectifying history, you might benefit from learning a phrase or two from their language. Read the rest here.

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