fangirl dilemma: livin life

September 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

Monet asks,

Im doing a science fair project on what causes people to ‘fangirl,’ and I’m looking for answers on how to stop since I for one am a die-hard One Direction fan. Help? 

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for generating awareness about the science of fangirling. I’m curious to see what your findings were.







I get a lot of messages from people about how to stop fangirling. My first response is usually, “Why would anybody want to stop?” But then I remember how it feels to experience anxiety over something that isn’t really worth it. We’ve all been there.

To me, though, the question isn’t how to stop fangirling. It’s how do you start living your life? Maybe that’s too Oprah of a question for some people, but it’s the one we have to ask ourselves.

We admire people in fiction and celebrities usually because they are out there LIVIN LIFE. But dump in a couple of ounces of creys, shake and stir, and that concept gets twisted around in our brains. We associate our emotions with the person and not with the story that tugs at our insides.

So if you want to stop fangirling, then start living my friend. Going cold turkey will leave nothing but a gaping void, so rather than dumping your One Direction merch on the side of the road, I suggest you start adding healthy habits to your day. Make mistakes. Be bold. Get rejected. Discover what passions give you the same fuzzy feelings that they do.  The more you start living your own life, the less you’ll need someone else’s to get you through the day.


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