Put Down the Fanfic

September 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

Books. Every fangirl likes them in theory, but sometimes we get sidetracked by our OTP and spend months submerged in the depths of fanfic, both good and bad. If you’re wanting to move out of a fic reading stage and pick up an actual book, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Read what you like. You don’t have to be reading Dostoevsky for your brain to get all wrinkly. If it takes some chick lit for you to prep yourself to sink back into denser fiction, then that’s fine.

2. Consider the benefits. Did you know that people who read fiction are more likely to demonstrate greater empathy towards others as well as greater interpersonal skills? But you have to be willing to put yourself in different people’s shoes, not just your favorite character’s over and over again.

3. Use your fangirl imagination. If you have to plaster another character’s face on the protagonist in your mind to get excited about a book, then cast away. There was a blonde protagonist in the Wool series named Juliet, so of course I cast her as Elizabeth Mitchell.

4. Ask your fangirl friends. What book reminds them of a TV show or a movie you like?  To get you started with this, here are few of my recommendation.

If you like Downton Abbey, then you might like









If you like The Walking Dead, then try









Rather than reading Harry Potter for the 9th time, how about









Did you love how much LOST scared you? Then I recommend









Caught in a Hunger Games slump? How about









Love BAMFy middle-aged ladies? You must read









I’m not into The Big Bang Theory, but I did love









Who doesn’t love Orphan Black? You have to read









Interested in prison life from Orange is the New Black? I loved









Finally, for all you Battlestar Galactica fans who love middle-aged idiots in cabins, then you must read,





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