Fangirl Dilemma: The Thrill Is Gone

January 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

TheOtterandthehedgehog writes,

I fell in love with Sherlock in the summer.  But then in the fall, I had school and some emotional transition that ate up my fangirl time, and so I waited long periods of time between each episode. But now, I feel like the spark has gone or I’m just not that knowledgeable about the show anymore, and it’s just not the same as it was. I still love the show, but how can I recover the spark? I’m not sure if it’s the specific season or me, but I just hate feeling blah about one of my favorite things in the world (I sound crazy!). 

The spark! Oh the spark. If you could bottle the butterflies you get when you fall in love with a show or a character or a ship, you’d be set, wouldn’t you?

sherlockThere are two kinds of fangirls. Those who fall hard and fast but burn out like a comet within a year or so. And then there are those who settle in for the long haul and are still stalking that same actor at a con for the 27th time or writing their 400th fic on the same ship. I’m the first kind, and it sounds like you are too. But it’s really a blessing in disguise.

Infatuation with a TV show is a lot like when you fall in love, romantically speaking. When we fall madly in love with someone, what do we do?

getmarried1. We overestimate our compatibility. When you find THAT show, you think, “This is it. I’ve found it. The perfect combination of good writing and hairporn. The ship to sink all ships.”

2. We are blind to their faults. Likewise, you’re willing to overlook a few plot holes, a dumb love triangle, or an out of character episode.

But just like infatuation fades, you might roll over and find your television bedfellow is not so perfect under the light of day. Your ship isn’t as smexy as you thought. You look at your favorite character and you feel. . .nothing.

But a mature fangirl treats TV love the same way a mature person would treat romantic love. We don’t look to it to solve all our problems or take responsibility for our emotions. We treasure it, and our love is based on reality, not fantasy.

The comparison ends there though! Unlike being married, we can collect as many fangirl loves as we like. You’ll recapture that spark! It just may be with a different show than Sherlock, or a different fictional person. Use that downtime when your emotions are freed up to try new shows, read new books, or I don’t know, do your homework?

Rather than mourn that lost infatuation, get excited about that next life-ruining thing to appear, my friend, because I promise you that it will cumbersnatch your heart away.  I always think I’ve hit my last fangirl love, when another BAMFy lady swoops in and steals the show.

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