The Walking Creys

February 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

SongbirdShot writes,

I am an avid fan of The Walking Dead and am unable to take these character deaths. Beth was the girl I saw myself in (she was as emotionally unstable as I am) and Tyreese was like my Dad. Is it wrong for me to form such emotional bonds with fictional characters? Don’t even get me started on Teen Wolf or Harry Potter. How does one deal with such traumatic experiences?

Oh lady. Some of us are particularly unlucky in fangirl love because we always choose favorite characters who die (Andreeaaaaaa). Back when I first finished Battlestar Galactica, my roommate probably thought I sounded like a dying racoon through the wall.

Losses in the fictionbethal world strike a chord in our hearts because that character was doing something right. Something so special-snowflake-right that their death is able to reach into our reality and jerk us through the TV screen or the page of a book. And in that moment, they are real.

I suggest you find a fellow fangirl or a sympathetic friend and talk about their lives. Write down the qualities you admire in the character. Go out and volunteer in a fictional character’s memory. Don’t just reblog gruesome gifs on Tumblr and sit there drowning DiCaprio style in your own feels. Sometimes you gotta climb on a floating cello and save yourself.

Surviving character deaths make the fangirl frakking resilient. So I want to challenge you to take a risk in Beth’s honor, and do something brave you never thought you could do. If you can take your emotions and generate real action, the impact will be less traumatic and more fulfilling for your own narrative.

The world might not be full of zombies, but it is swarming with herds of haters and negative voices aimed to stop you in your tracks. This is not your Terminus, friend. Don’t be the extra who gets distracted or distraught. Be the bright spot in a world gone bad, like Beth or Tyreese. Their stories may be over, but yours is just getting started.

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