October 7, 2015 § 2 Comments


Megan writes,

So, there’s this show that I’m obsessed with, called Supernatural. October 7th, 2015 is the premier of season 11. But, I’ve seen the first half of season 10, just not the second half. The thing is, not only am I busy tomorrow night, when it’s on, but season 10 isn’t on Netflix yet. HELP. WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION?

OH MY GOD NETFLIX SO RUDE. Megan, you should CELEBRATE! Because if you were really obsessed, you wouldn’t be busy tomorrow night. You would have illegally downloaded the rest of Season 10 and gotten scary letters in the mail saying you’re going to fangirl jail (I’m done CBS I PROMISE!).

Sometimes being behind on a show is a blessing in disguise. Yes you might get spoiled, but not watching in real time can help lower anxiety and keep you focused on why you loved the show in the first place. HOT RIDICULOUS DUDES. When you play catch up, you’ll give your SPN friends the gift of living vicariously through your viewing.

So just relax! Sometimes the universe knows that we’ll watch an episode exactly when we need it. October 7th may not be it, but your day is coming! And oh how glorious it will be.

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