Mini Fangirl Dilemmas!

December 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

I get a lot of great questions from readers, but sometimes I don’t have time to answer them all. Here are a few mini questions with mini answers. But remember there are no small fangirl dilemmas. Only small fangirls. No really, some of us are short.

Q:  I’m fangirling so hard on Troye Sivan, that I think I’m gonna die. It’s at the worst phase now because he is having a show in the country right next to mine. LITERALLY HOURS AWAY. And I feel like I have missed my shot and now my life is over. Btw is ‘Fangirl Therapy’ a book?

A: hamiltonYou will not die. Troye Sivan’s brain isn’t even done developing yet, and neither is yours. You will have more shots for more creys. Work hard so you can afford to catch a glimpse of your faves. YAS A BOOK!

Q: I’m the type of fangirl who just becomes overly obsessed. I’ll find an anime or book series or a ship that I really like and then it’s all I can think about. My grades are dropping because of this. I don’t want to tell me parents this because everything I obsess about is something they hate, so I’m in trouble all the time. What should I do?

A: You sound like a character in a YA book that people would root for. What would this character do to make us raise our fists in triumph? Do that.

Q: I hate it when other fangirls of the same fandom get into HUGE shipping wars.


A: As Ghandi said, be the shipper you wish to see in the world. Maybe the rest won’t follow, but you’ll be hella calmer about it. Learning you can’t control other people is what we call extreme adulting.

Q: Help me I am experiencing The Creys and my abdomen hurts so much from it I literally can’t move and my mum is concerned about me and I keep rolling to attempt and stop the pain it hurts to much what are some methods to stop them.

A: That’s not creys; it’s anxiety. If your tum is still hurting, talk to your doctor or a counselor.


A: Choice 1- Climb on some floating debris and save yourself. Another vessel will come along and pick you up. Choice 2- Canon is only as real as you give it permission to be. Summon the fic and headcanon.

Q: If anonymous questions are welcomed, how come the Name field is required?

A: Who hurt you, sassmaster?

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