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Zoe writes,

Okay, here’s the thing. I like about 3500 different middle-aged actresses. (That’s not even the problem.) But anyways, I am a broke as heck teenager who needs to meet her favs! How do I convince my parents to let me meet my internet friends and stay with them and then meet my favs?

Zoe, I don’t even have children and I can understand why your parents might hesitate to let you hang with Internet folks. I’ve had my own experiences reassuring the parents of younger fangirls that I am not an axe murderer. Or am I? MUHAHAHAHAHA.

When I was a teenager, the only people you met on the Internet were featured on Dateline. So perhaps things these days are much more chill. But the reality is that until you’re 18, your parents have the right to protect you from axe murderers and super angry Clexa shippers.

If the Internet fangirl lives in your area, is of a similar age, and has parents who are willing to sign off on mingling, then MAYBE. MAYBE, ZOE. In the meantime, could you search for more like-minded fangirls at your own school? Convert your friends? Maybe they just haven’t met the right middle-aged actress yet.

I can, however, help you with meeting your faves. Repeat after me:

“Please, mom. I want to absorb her powers so I can become a successful, conquering heroine.”

“Please, dad. You’ve raised me well enough that I recognize intelligent middle-aged women are better role models than the vapid youths of my generation.”

Or something like that. Just highlight that meeting your fave is more about your personal journey and maturity than smelling her hair or honking like an excited llama at an event. Not that those things aren’t important as well.

Best of luck! Let me know how it goes.


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