Malec Attack

April 2, 2016 § 1 Comment


Malec shipper writes,

SO MY OTP JUST WENT CANON. It’s a bit difficult to explain but basically I’ve read this book series called The Mortal Instruments, and there’s a lot of ships. I finished the series one or two years ago. Now they’ve made a TV show out of it. I thought “Meh, it can’t be as good as the books.” So I didn’t watch it. A month later, I see something that I thought was an edit of Alec and Magnus kissing (Malec), so I was like, “Hmm, i should watch it.” I WATCHED 9 HOURS IN 26 HOURS, during these 26 hours I also had school. Anyways, there was an episode called “Malec” and apparently it wasn’t an edit. I now feel very unstable and feel like screaming at various times. The feels basically pound inside of my heart. What’s the best way to deal with this? Also, the series hasn’t finished yet, there will be more of it 6/4. A.K.A MORE OF THEM I CAN’T.

There should be a Cassandra Clare book called City of Feels, because it sounds like that’s where you live right now, friend. One of my ships became canon this week, so I get it. There’s the urge to talk to every human you encounter like you’re on all caps mode. Something like, HELLO POSTAL EMPLOYEE, DID YOU KNOW THAT HE PUT HIS MOUTH ON HIS MOUTH AND JUST LEAVE THE MAIL HERE WHILE I DIE THANK YOU.

Do you have a Twitter? Because this is what twitter is really good for. Tumblr is great for longer thoughts, but if you need to type in all caps in random succession for the rest of those 26 hours you’re not watching TV, then you can do it. You can keep it private, and you’ll attract those who are also screaming about Malec. You can just dump it there, and go about your day.

Also I always find that humor can be a great strategy for coping with these types of situations. If you can’t laugh at yourself turning into a human confetti cannon when your ship sets sail, then when can you?

I’m talking about the sarcastic, “beat yourself up” kind of humor. I’m talking about the ability to see the lighter side of a situation. I interviewed a counseling professor once about this topic, and he said it best. “Laughter is a way of celebrating and therapeutically engaging the absurdities of life.” This ability increases self-esteem, lowers risk of depression, and makes the fangirl happier and healthier overall.

So yes, a ship has stolen your heart. That’s okay. That’s more than okay. It’s wonderful and silly, and there’s no reason why you can’t feel inspired about it. Just remember to laugh as hard as you cry, and to find that joy in the absurd.

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