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June 29, 2016 § 3 Comments

As I’m doing interviews for The Fangirl Life press, many people have been asking me what my favorite TV shows are. In this glorious moment, I suddenly find that I am overcome with fangirl amnesia, unable to remember what I’ve watched over the years and what I’ve loved.

Part of the problem is that there’s just too much good TV. I have the shows I’m crying about now, but I also have the ones that have influenced me in other periods of my life. And, I also tend to think of TV by episode rather than in its entirety or by a season. So without further ado, I give you, in no particular order, my ten favorite television episodes OF ALL TIME. *cue Olympics theme*

Breaking Bad 6×14 – Ozymandias


“Ozymandias” is one of those episodes always on people’s top ten lists, and often in the #1 spot. There is a reason for this, and it’s because you pretty much spend the entire episode screaming. Though it’s the next to-next to-last episode of Breaking Bad, it’s really the climax. The funny thing is, I think watching it once is all the trauma I need.

Friends 4×12 – The One With the Embryos 


As a Mondler shipper, it’s very difficult for me to bypass “The One Where Everyone Finds Out,” but this ep and epic game will forever be #1 in my heart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shouted, “I MAJORED IN LIGHTNING ROUNDS” or used the word “transponster.”

Frasier 6×10 – Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz


It was difficult for me not to fill this entire list with Frasier episodes. It’s the greatest comedy of all time, and this episode where the Crane family pretends to be Jewish is the absolute best. Good for any season. Seriously, go watch it right now. You’ve got 20 minutes, kids.

Game of Thrones 5×8 – Hardhome 


The last 20 minutes of this episode took OVER A MONTH to film. Things keep escalating, and I kept screaming. If you had told me a few years ago that a Jon Snow scene would be my favorite one on Game of Thrones, I would have told you that you know nothing.

LOST 4×5 – The Constant


I LOVE YA PENNY. I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YA. “The Constant” is top 3 for me, easily. It’s the perfect blend of sci-fi and shipping, and the most epic phone call in television history. Speaking of shipping, special shout out to season 5’s “La Fleur,” which is close second in LOST eps.

Cheers 1×21/22 – Showdown, Parts 1 and 2


When you’re like me and love a good comedic pairing, Sam and Diane are the ship to end all ships. The season one finale of Cheers earned both the show and Shelley Long their first Emmy, and the last 8 minutes of Part 2 are without a doubt, my favorite 8 minutes of television.

Seinfeld 9×6, The Merv Griffin Show


Choosing a favorite Seinfeld episode is an impossible task. Many people pick “The Contest” or “The Soup Nazi,” both of which are legendary, but I have always laughed the hardest when Kramer turns his apartment into a fake television studio. This show truly went out on top in its final season.

Battlestar Galactica, 2×11/12, Resurrection Ship Parts 1 and 2


MICHELLE FORBES. SPACE. LAURA ROSLIN’S MORTALITY. So much happens in this arc, and it’s truly my favorite in Battlestar. I distinctly remember running out of the living room and falling onto my bedroom floor in the fetal position during one particular moment. Coincidentally, it caused me to jump back into fandom and led me to write my book.

The Office, 4×9 – Dinner Party


I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single episode of television as much as I’ve watched this one. It’s my go-to when I need a laugh or want to reminisce with friends.  It’s amazing how much great TV there was in spite of the 2007-2008 writers’ strike. Babe, I think you should watch this on Netflix right now.

The Good Wife, 5×5 – Hitting the Fan 

960 (1)

Y’all, this is peak TV. PEAK. TV doesn’t have to have death or violence to be dramatic. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I cheered for Alicia and Cary. Who knew lawyers were so interesting?

So there you have it. Sure there are episodes of Gilmore Girls, Grey’s, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Big Love, The Americans, etc. that I wanted to make the list, but these are my greats. What’s on yours?

The Chill is Gone

March 14, 2016 § 1 Comment


Hannah writes,

Agh! Hello, Kathleen! I just got involved with a new Netflix series and I immediately became obsessed with one of the villains. I’ve always been one of those girls who swooned over the villain, but this dude was different. I have tendencies to obsess over people in bands and TV shows, so this isn’t new to me, but I literally cannot control myself whenever he pops up on the screen or says something or picks up a pen. My mom thinks I’m insane and tells me to chill, but I cannot chill. No chill is left in me. How do I deal with all these feelings?  I feel like I’m being really creepy, and I know that this phase will probably pass, but at the moment I don’t know what to do with myself.

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Fall TV 2014: Parade of the Lady BAMFs

September 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

You can smell in the air, folks. TV is coming. Lady BAMFs are coming. Julianna Margulies’s eyebrows are coming.

In the past few years, television has demonstrated that it might be turning the corner when it comes to scripting leading ladies who actually act and think like real women rather than the neurotic and flighty tropes of yesteryear. With the Alicia Florricks and the Sharon Raydors of the world getting top billing, that trend seems to be gaining momentum. Here are a few shows which I will be watching closely.
Bad Judge - Season Pilot

BAD JUDGE. If there is anything in the universe I love more than Kate Walsh peering over reading glasses, I haven’t found it yet. Combine the comedy potential of creator Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and executive producer Will Ferrell (yes that Will Ferrell) with Walsh’s comedic timing and hairporn, and I think we have a winner. I’m excited to see Kate in something more upbeat than Private Practice and catch her BAMFing from the judge’s seat. Plus rumor has it she’ll be playing “Mom” to an eight-year-old boy, so cue the ocean of feels that accompanies a good mothership. Starts Thurs, Oct 2 at 9pm EST.

988541MADAM SECRETARY. I have always been a sucker for Tea Leoni, and this show seems like a veritable Hillary Clinton fanfic. I don’t know much about creator Barbara Hall, but it’s always nice to see a lady on top billing for writing, and the show’s lead-off position before The Good Wife on Sunday nights is sure to catch some attention. Who needs football when you have Bebe Neuwirth, am I right? Madam Secretary starts this Sunday at 8pm EST, CBS.

140509_2781081_The_Mysteries_of_Laura_Official_Trailer_anvver_8 THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA. Honesty, I’m over cop shows. But I’m not over Debra Messing, and this dramedy might be a hit. Negative points for all male developers and producers, a critique I’ve always had for James Duff’s team for Major Crimes and The Closer. The show airs Wed Sept 24 at 8pm EST on NBC.

how_to_get_away_with_murderHOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. This title could be the name of Shonda Rhimes’ autobiography, as she is leading cause of fictional death in the United States. Shonda and I haven’t really been on speaking terms since Grey’s went off the rails and flew over 27,000 sharks, but goddamn you Viola Davis you are a national treasure. I’ll probably wait to see what fellow fangirls think before I give it a shot. The show airs on ABC at 10pm EST, Thursday, Sept 25, after Scandal.

So there you have it. If you’re wondering what I won’t be watching, State of Affairs with the notoriously notorious Katherine Heigl is at the very top of that list. Prove me wrong Heigl. I dare you.




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