Fall TV 2014: Parade of the Lady BAMFs

September 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

You can smell in the air, folks. TV is coming. Lady BAMFs are coming. Julianna Margulies’s eyebrows are coming.

In the past few years, television has demonstrated that it might be turning the corner when it comes to scripting leading ladies who actually act and think like real women rather than the neurotic and flighty tropes of yesteryear. With the Alicia Florricks and the Sharon Raydors of the world getting top billing, that trend seems to be gaining momentum. Here are a few shows which I will be watching closely.
Bad Judge - Season Pilot

BAD JUDGE. If there is anything in the universe I love more than Kate Walsh peering over reading glasses, I haven’t found it yet. Combine the comedy potential of creator Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and executive producer Will Ferrell (yes that Will Ferrell) with Walsh’s comedic timing and hairporn, and I think we have a winner. I’m excited to see Kate in something more upbeat than Private Practice and catch her BAMFing from the judge’s seat. Plus rumor has it she’ll be playing “Mom” to an eight-year-old boy, so cue the ocean of feels that accompanies a good mothership. Starts Thurs, Oct 2 at 9pm EST.

988541MADAM SECRETARY. I have always been a sucker for Tea Leoni, and this show seems like a veritable Hillary Clinton fanfic. I don’t know much about creator Barbara Hall, but it’s always nice to see a lady on top billing for writing, and the show’s lead-off position before The Good Wife on Sunday nights is sure to catch some attention. Who needs football when you have Bebe Neuwirth, am I right? Madam Secretary starts this Sunday at 8pm EST, CBS.

140509_2781081_The_Mysteries_of_Laura_Official_Trailer_anvver_8 THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA. Honesty, I’m over cop shows. But I’m not over Debra Messing, and this dramedy might be a hit. Negative points for all male developers and producers, a critique I’ve always had for James Duff’s team for Major Crimes and The Closer. The show airs Wed Sept 24 at 8pm EST on NBC.

how_to_get_away_with_murderHOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. This title could be the name of Shonda Rhimes’ autobiography, as she is leading cause of fictional death in the United States. Shonda and I haven’t really been on speaking terms since Grey’s went off the rails and flew over 27,000 sharks, but goddamn you Viola Davis you are a national treasure. I’ll probably wait to see what fellow fangirls think before I give it a shot. The show airs on ABC at 10pm EST, Thursday, Sept 25, after Scandal.

So there you have it. If you’re wondering what I won’t be watching, State of Affairs with the notoriously notorious Katherine Heigl is at the very top of that list. Prove me wrong Heigl. I dare you.




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