Fangirl Spotlight: Camilla! 

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YOU GUYS. I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people, and like a true fangirl, it’s someone I’ve never even met.

I was introduced to Cami through the Battlestar Galactica fandom (more specifically the Mary McDonnell hair division). Her kindness, enthusiasm, and artistic talents spoke to me. They said, “Squee!” Also, “This is someone you need to know.”

So when it came time for me to find an artist for The Fangirl Life, I knew that she was my constant for the book. Eventually, you’ll get a sneak peak of her 20 fantastic line drawings for it! But for now, I want to introduce her BAMFy self to readers.

K: What was the first thing you ever fangirled about? 

chibi wedding

Downton’s Carson and Hughes. “You know when you ship so hard it comes true. . .”

C: It was probably Sailor Moon. But madness started with X-Files. I’m still going strong, because there’s no cure. Once a phile, always a phile, even 20 years later! I’m sooooo excited for the revival and all the new people getting to know M&S. My little fangirl heart cannot contain such great joy!

K: Well, extra thanks for taking my emotional Twitter DMs while I’m watching it for the first time. How did you get started doing fanart? What makes a good request that you want to draw for someone? 

C: I’ve drawn since forever. My kindergarten teachers still had my drawings on the walls years after I left.  At first it was mostly Disney style. Then in elementary and middle school I started drawing images of Sailor Moon and Rayearth or other mangas, and portraits of favorite actors and actresses for my friends. That’s basically how it started.

lineart sharon

“I love to experiment with styles.”

It’s hard to draw when your heart isn’t in it, so I tend to stick with the muse. An appealing project is something I can play with, where I can express my own ideas, when it’s not just about bringing to life someone else’s visual idea, but expanding on it.

K: And BAMF bless you for expanding on my crazy ideas in the book. Any other fan artists that you admire online?

C: Too many!!! There’s Nicole and Esther and Amelia and artistiq and. . .ugh so many great artists out there. I wanna hug them all!

K: Tell us about a new BAMF that you’ve been crying about. 

"But I'm just really silly."

Adama, Roslin, and Doc Cottle. “But I’m just really silly.”

C: I’m in the middle of an Agents of Shields binge watch, and right now I’m crying about Melinda May and her deadly kicks quite a lot from my comfy chair, eating chips in the dim light of my room, petting kitteh like a villain (or not, because it’s too hot to live right now). I’m probably never gonna start any kung-fu course over this, but watch me walk out in boots and a leather jacket (in November, when the temperature is acceptable!) because YES!

Otherwise you can always find me crying over Abby Griffin and Laura Roslin (for different reasons mostly but they both have unicorn hair).

K: Does your cat have a favorite TV show? 

C: Kitteh watches me watch tv and that’s apparently entertaining enough.

K: Tell me about the strangest couple you’ve ever shipped. 

C: I don’t even know how it happened. It was probably a (really good) fanfic I read, but Harrison and Nicole from Popular?!!! She’s my fav, being the villain of course, and they had a few touching moments when she donated bone marrow for him and he told her he was her family (since she was adopted and never felt like she belonged), and it could have been great! The devil and the good guy balancing each other out. . .alas.

K: Favorite genre of fanfic?

The 100's Abby Griffin. "I mean. . .that didn't improve. I'm still very silly."

The 100’s Abby Griffin. “I mean. . .that didn’t improve. I’m still very silly.”

C: Flufffff!! Fluff is the hardest kind of fanfic to find without it feeling OOC or too cheesy for that BAMFy lady, so that’s where you know they’re good. It’s easier to concoct a tear-jerking plot than keeping your readers smiling like idiots at their screens for several thousand words!

K: You’re captured by ninjas and can choose 3 characters from fiction to team together to save you. Whom do you pick and why?

C: MELINDA MAY!!! And Sydney Bristow for obvious reasons. Then I think maybe Carol Peletier, because she would bring cookies too! I love cookies!

K: Carol is great with exploding diversions and cookies for sure. Okay, last question. Can you teach us any Italian fangirl words? 

C:  #stommale (for when you’re emotionally compromised)

#muoro (incorrect term to describe the act of dying)

#ansia (emotionally compromising state)

#novabbèciaoeh (for that time you can’t)

#ciaone (for that time you can’t even)

#maancheno (but what about no)

#vino! (alcoholic drink needed)

Thanks Cami! Cue me shouting, “Stommale!” for the rest of the week.

You can follow this amazing lady on Twitter or tumblr.

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