Fangirl vs. Studygirl

August 10, 2016 § 2 Comments



Elise writes,

Hello there, I’ve been fangirling for awhile now, and recently I miraculously somehow managed to get into a school that has high standards for grades.  I’m actually worried that my fangirling will get in the way of my studies ( I do not want to get kicked out), but I also do not want to give up my fangirling. What do you think I should do? 

Hi Elise,

When you want to make space for fangirling and for kick ass grades, you have to get creative. You’ll always need time to chill and cry about your fave, but you can also flip the switch and make them work for you. Here are just a few crafty suggestions.

The Real Talk Jar – Imagine your favorite actor, character, musician (whoever your interest is) is your motivational coach for school. Cut up a bunch of slips of paper, and write down encouraging sentences in their voice.  Put the slips in a jar or a box, and pull one out when you need some extra motivation.


The Gold Star Chart – I’ve mentioned this one on the site before, but make a daily or weekly checklist of everything you need to get done. Photoshop a picture of your fave at the top for motivation, and use a gold star sticker every time you complete a task. BOOM.

BAMF Buddy – Find somebody in your fandom (or a fangirl in your school) who also wants to get shit done. Promise that you’re going to save reading a fic or rewatching an episode when you’ve finished a really big task. Then throw one heck of a BAMF party to celebrate and GO CRAZY.


Fangirl To-Dos – It’s okay to add fangirling into your to-do list! But try and fit fangirl tasks that give you energy rather than sap it. Schedule a quick ten minute fanfic dialogue brainstorming session into your daily routine. Write a cute note of encouragement to a fangirl friend you can send in the mail. These short tasks give you quick zaps of feels without derailing you from your schedule for hours.

Elise, there are going to be evenings when you’re holed up on a binge or a listless Internet journey. And that’s okay! What I’ve found helps the most is being intentional about finding what aspects of fangirling can apply to real world stuff. I mean, I did write a whole book about it.







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§ 2 Responses to Fangirl vs. Studygirl

  • There’s also nothing saying that you can’t combine the two. Well, depending on your major I guess. I still remember writing a paper for my English 101 class freshman year about how the first Pirates of the Caribbean film was the perfect summer blockbuster and my professor loved it!!

  • Marianne Whitehead says:

    GeekyNerdyGirl, you had a great idea! I was going to suggest the same thing and combine the two.

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