Kathleen in 2016

January 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

Hi friends! I haven’t done an update in a while because I’ve been busy answering your angsty questions. Thanks as always for sending them! I’ll be responding to a few later this week.

2015 was a great year. I sold my book to a publisher, I wrote the damn thing, and I learned all about the publishing business and unlocked whole new levels of anxiety in my busy little head. My writing was featured on websites like Salon, The Mary Sue, Counseling Today, Bustle, and many others. I fell in love with a new heroine, climbed a mountain, went to Corgi Con, and got engaged. I GOT TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH CHRISTINE BARANSKI. So yeah. WELL DONE 2015.


Is this real life? 

2016 stands before me. I’m hoping, FINALLY, I’ll graduate and get my PhD in Bamfery this year (actually it’s Counseling but same thing). When The Fangirl Life is released on  July 5, perhaps people can grab some motivation and use it in their own lives. I’ll be writing some over at Forever Young Adult (whose DC book club has my new favorite people) and dispensing some mental health knowledge on podcasts (check out Fansplaining this week). I’ll also be attending a LOT of conventions with my fangirl buddies, starting with C2E2 in Chicago this March (Spaceparents!).

Carl (the negative voice in my head) and I still battle on a daily basis. He says I’m never writing enough or challenging myself enough. He says my book will sell zero copies. But rather than ninja chop him into oblivion, I try and take Anne Lamott’s advice. I pick him up like a puppy who’s peed all over the floor, and set him back on the newspaper. One day he’ll learn. Maybe by then I’ll figure out how to be kind to myself and challenge myself at the same time.


Cami’s Carl in The Fangirl Life

So I’m hoping 2016 will be a year of compassion, both inward and outward. As much as I love it, I am grateful that writing is not my day job, that I get to immerse myself in other people’s stories as a counselor and help them figure out how to take that next shaky step. I remind them and myself that under our skin we are all horribly anxious, jealous, and confused creatures, but that we are not finished ones.

I hope 2016 can also be a year full of BAMF moves and kindness for you. Never hesitate to write or say hello on Twitter. And I hope that Fangirl Therapy can continue to be a place for fangirls to remember that they’re not alone and that their own story can be something worth watching.




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