Too Old to Fangirl

January 11, 2016 § 5 Comments

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Someone with Direction Infection writes,

I am obsessed with One Direction. I have all their albums in my phone and I know the songs by heart. I have a huge signed poster and more merchandise of them. I follow so many update accounts on twitter that I lost track, and I have all their notifications on. But where I come from, they are considered for kids.

I am 13, so in my opinion I kind of still am a kid. Although I don’t think that 1D is for kids. But my friends don’t think that way. They go on diets and have boyfriends and all that. So, I kind of get judged. Even my best friend kind of judges me.

I can’t give up on One Direction. I love them so much, but I don’t like being called a kid and it’s not very simple for me to get new friends that don’t think this way, because everyone around me thinks that way. Literally everyone. I don’t know anyone that I can’t go talk about 1D without them laughing in my face. What should I do? Help me!

Diets and boyfriends. Pssssh. You don’t need those things! I am 30(!) years old and I have plenty of One Direction songs on my phone. But I also know what it feels like to be 13 and not wanting to attract any negative attention whatsoever.

Unfortunately society decided a long time ago that whatever teenage girls like is to be considered cool or untrivial. We even convince young women to believe it about their own interests! So as fangirls we have to stand up and refuse to be a part of that story. I asked my twitter friends what they would tell you, and all of them agreed that you’re never too old to fangirl.

Get real close to the screen, because I want to tell you a secret. Fangirls have figured out what the rest of the world forgot: that our passions are wide and our imaginations run deep. With that enthusiasm, anything is possible. The passion you have for a band can be applied to any number of things in your future.

But right now? I say just be a kid. I’m having a hell of a time being one at 30. Maybe your bravado will inspire others to share their fangirl secrets. You can’t control how people will react, but you can control how you treat others. Encourage them to talk about their passions, and don’t put them down when they seem a little strange.

For everyone else reading this, this task is yours as well. If we want to live in a world where young women aren’t told their interests are superficial and childish, then we have to start lifting each other up. No matter the band, no matter the TV show, no matter what.


Be kind and be BAMFy,





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