Master Procrastinator

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JoJo writes,

I found this website because your book is already in my favourite bookstore in Germany (and I almost missed my train because of it ūüėČ ).

I need a bit of help here. I am a massive LOTR fan, and my exams are in 4 weeks. I am a master at procrastinating and I really need to study but… tumblr, youtube, twitter, facebook and on top of that, daily news websites, that are updated every hour or so. And compared to that all my books look really boring. How can I cut back on my media intake NOW?¬†Thanks a lot!

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Letting Go

July 15, 2016 § 3 Comments


Julia writes,

Two years ago I watched the pilot of a new show and fell head over heels in love with one of the characters. Nothing worrisome there; that’s what I’ve always done. But then my obsession shifted from the character to the actress. I stopped daydreaming about story lines for the character and started daydreaming about the actress giving interviews and getting recognized for her talent. Nowadays I’m so far gone that I daydream about her romantic life/ship her with her co-stars. I don’t want to fantasize about a real person in that way, but I’m also so scared of letting go of my obsession. I need to obsess over something and I know if it stops being about her it’ll become about someone else. I just wish I could go back to obsessing over the character instead of the actress.

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The Stages of the Ship

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Avery writes,

I have a question. What do you think are the stages your OTP goes through before they get together? There will be angst, hatred, & realization but what do you think the stages are in order for them to come to a realization they love each other?

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Fangirl Trivia!

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First person who tweets me a picture of all the correct answers to the following questions will win a copy of my favorite card game, Slash!




Here we go!

  1. With over 115,000 stories, what popular television show has the most published fan fiction on
  2. On the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica, what planet is the birthplace and original home of humanity, from which the civilization departed and formed the Twelve Colonies on other worlds?
  3. On the hit animated series Bob’s Burgers, Tina and Louise Belcher are fangirls of what fictional boy band?
  4. In Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy, what is the name of the underground resistance group fighting the Society?
  5. In 2013, fans broke the record for the most backers of a single Kickstarter project when they contributed $5.7 million to make a movie of what fan favorite TV show?
  6. What is the name of the alternate universe Harry Potter fan fiction written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, where Harry is raised by an Aunt Petunia who married a scientist? Harry Potter takes his place at Hogwarts, ‚Äúarmed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit.‚ÄĚ
  7. What is the name of the prolific TV show creator who who claims she ‚Äúowns‚ÄĚ Thursday nights?
  8. What the 6 numbers frequently found in the TV show LOST?
  9. What Star Wars character is a member of the Mon Calamari species and famous for shouting, ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs a trap!‚ÄĚ
  10. What do the letters in the acronym GIF stand for?

Remember TWEET me a picture of your answers @fangirltherapy!




Online Fangirl Trivia TONIGHT

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Hi friends!


I’m sad that many of you are too far to join me tonight at East City Bookshop in DC to play fangirl trivia and eat OTP cupcakes! So I wanted you to be able to play fangirl trivia with me online instead!

Here’s how it works. At 8pm EST, I’ll post ten fangirl questions for you to answer on the blog. The FIRST PERSON who tweets me a picture of all ten answers will win a copy of my favorite card game, Slash!


So check back tonight at 8pm, and get your trivia on!







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Hi friends! If you’ve been in a cave or don’t follow me on social media, you might have missed that my book,¬†The Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal, came out yesterday! If you haven’t ordered your copy, get on it!

I want to thank all fangirl friends who’ve been tweeting, and posting pics, and cheering for the book this week. I’m trying not to listen to Carl, the negative voice in my head, who’s telling me I’m annoying the hell out of everyone. I did something cool, Carl! So hush.

There’s been so much fun stuff during the promotion that I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Here are a few links.

I was interviewed by Penguin Random House’s Emily Hughes on the Beaks and Geeks podcast. Listen here.


Check out my interview with The Mary Sue!

Want to know “What Kind of Shipper Are You?” Take the quiz I wrote at Forever Young Adult, which is based on the book!


Want to know what fictional female characters I worship in literature? Read my article at Read It Forward!

I talked about my history of OTPs with the amazing Abby Norman on medium!

Geek Mom talked with me about what TV shows I’d “encourage” my children to watch.


July 12th – GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON – This fangirl therapist is going to be talking with the anchor of my local news show about Shonda Rhimes shows and how to live like the star of your own TV show. SQUEE!


July 13th – EAST CITY BOOKSHOP – Next Wednesday, come play Fangirl Trivia with us at East City Bookshop in Washington, DC. I’ll be reading and signing books, and¬†THERE WILL BE OTP CUPCAKES. RSVP here.

July 22nd – COMIC CON – I’ll be signing books at the Penguin Random House booth on Friday evening! More info soon!


July 23th – I’m going to be on a super fun lady BAMF panel that I can’t talk about just yet! More soon. Also an additional signing to follow.

More to come, including some fun giveaways!¬†Thanks again to everyone for your support! I’ll be answering¬†fangirl dilemmas again on the blog in a day or two!




A Letter to My Fangirl Friends

July 1, 2016 § 2 Comments


Dear friends,

On Tuesday morning, my book will be a book. I don’t expect¬†to feel any less anxious than I normally do. I’ll still have to show up to¬†my 27 jobs and slog through my weekly to-do list. Life will go on, and my little contribution to the fangirl¬†world will escape most people’s notice.

Sure there will be glamorous parts to promoting a book. I mean I get to go to Comic Con for god’s sake.¬†But when people ask me what’s the most rewarding part of this whole adventure, I want you to know that I’m¬†not thinking¬†about the fact that I wrote a book. I’m thinking about you.

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Kathleen’s Top 10 TV Episodes

June 29, 2016 § 3 Comments

As I’m doing interviews for The Fangirl Life press, many people have been asking me what my favorite TV shows are. In this glorious moment, I suddenly find that I am overcome with fangirl amnesia, unable to remember what I’ve watched over the years and what I’ve loved.

Part of the problem is that there’s just too much good TV. I have the shows I’m crying about now, but I also have the ones that have¬†influenced me¬†in other periods of my life. And, I also tend¬†to think of TV by episode rather than in its entirety or by a season. So without further ado, I give you, in no particular order, my ten favorite television episodes¬†OF ALL TIME. *cue Olympics theme*

Breaking Bad 6×14 – Ozymandias


“Ozymandias” is one of those episodes always on people’s top ten lists, and often in the #1 spot. There is a reason for this, and it’s because you pretty much spend the entire episode screaming. Though it’s the next to-next to-last episode of¬†Breaking Bad, it’s really the climax. The funny thing is, I think watching it once is all the trauma I need.

Friends 4×12 – The One With the Embryos¬†


As a Mondler shipper, it’s very difficult for me to bypass “The One Where Everyone Finds Out,” but this ep and¬†epic game will forever be #1 in my heart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shouted, “I MAJORED IN LIGHTNING ROUNDS” or used the word “transponster.”

Frasier 6×10 – Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz


It was difficult for me not to fill this entire list with¬†Frasier¬†episodes. It’s the greatest comedy of all time, and this episode where the Crane family¬†pretends¬†to be Jewish is the absolute best. Good for any season. Seriously, go watch it right now. You’ve got 20 minutes, kids.

Game of Thrones 5×8 – Hardhome¬†


The last 20 minutes of this episode took OVER A MONTH to film. Things keep escalating, and I kept screaming. If you had told me a few years ago that a Jon Snow scene would be my favorite one on Game of Thrones, I would have told you that you know nothing.

LOST 4×5 – The Constant


I LOVE YA PENNY. I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YA. “The Constant” is top 3 for me, easily. It’s the perfect blend of sci-fi and shipping, and the most epic phone call in television history. Speaking of shipping, special shout out to season 5’s “La Fleur,” which is close second in LOST eps.

Cheers 1×21/22 – Showdown, Parts 1 and 2


When you’re like me and love a good comedic pairing, Sam and Diane are the ship to end all ships. The season one finale of¬†Cheers¬†earned both the show and Shelley Long their first Emmy, and the last 8 minutes of Part 2 are without a doubt, my favorite 8 minutes of television.

Seinfeld 9×6, The Merv Griffin Show


Choosing a favorite¬†Seinfeld¬†episode is an impossible task. Many people pick “The Contest” or “The Soup Nazi,” both of which are legendary, but I have always laughed the hardest when Kramer turns his apartment into a fake television studio. This show truly went out on top in its final season.

Battlestar Galactica, 2×11/12, Resurrection Ship Parts 1 and 2


MICHELLE FORBES. SPACE.¬†LAURA ROSLIN’S MORTALITY. So much happens in this arc, and it’s truly my favorite in¬†Battlestar. I distinctly remember running out of the living room and falling onto my bedroom floor in the fetal position during one particular moment. Coincidentally, it caused me to jump back into fandom and led me to write my book.

The Office, 4×9 – Dinner Party


I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single episode of television as much as I’ve watched this one. It’s my go-to when I need a laugh or want to reminisce with friends. ¬†It’s amazing how much great TV there was in spite of the 2007-2008 writers’ strike. Babe, I think you should watch this on Netflix right now.

The Good Wife, 5×5 – Hitting the Fan¬†

960 (1)

Y’all, this is peak TV. PEAK. TV doesn’t have to have death or violence to be dramatic. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I cheered for Alicia and Cary. Who knew lawyers were so¬†interesting?

So there you have it. Sure there are episodes of¬†Gilmore Girls, Grey’s, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Big Love, The Americans,¬†etc. that I wanted to make the list, but these are my greats. What’s on yours?

The Checking Habit

June 23, 2016 § 2 Comments


A reader writes,

I‘m obsessed with Sam Heughan from the Outlander series. I feel like I’ve been in a depressive state for the past couple years since the show started. Rationally I realize I don’t really know him and my obsession is mostly tied to Jamie Fraser, his character in the show, but that doesn’t stop me from obsessively checking his Twitter and Instagram or feeling total despair when people talk about him dating someone. The worst part is I’m 34, married, with 2 small children. I feel like I’m missing out on my kids’ childhoods. I just want this to stop but I literally don’t know what to do.

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Important Book Announcements!

June 13, 2016 § 1 Comment


Hi all,

Pub day for The Fangirl Life is coming soon, on July 5th! Many of you have already pre-ordered and provided incredible help promoting the book on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have some very exciting book-related news and more to come soon! Here’s what’s going on right now.


July 13th, East City Bookshop, Washington, DC – I will be discussing and signing The Fangirl Life at this brand new bookstore on Capitol Hill. The store is also hosting a Fangirl Trivia Competition with prizes! The event is free and you can RSVP here.

July 22-24, Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA –¬†Yes, I will be at Comic Con this year promoting my book. More info soon about my schedule!

I will continue to add events soon, so stay tuned!


Penguin is giving away ten copies of The Fangirl Life on Goodreads! Enter here if you live in the US, and stay tuned for more giveaways on Twitter.


Everyone who pre-orders the book will receive a digital workbook full of extra questions and exercises that accompany each chapter.


It doesn’t matter where you order, or whether it’s paperback or ebook.¬†All you have to do is email me at¬†saying you’ve pre-ordered (no receipt needed) and I’ll send you the workbook on pub day, July 5th!


I’ve been publishing a series of essays about fangirling on Medium. Check them out.

Signs You’re Trapped in a Fan Fiction

Fictional Women Make Me Brave

Fangirling Isn’t a Waste of Time¬†

Why I Will Never Stop Being a Shipper

Why Fangirling Is Better In Your 30s

What To Do When Your TV Show Gets Cancelled 

That’s all for now. Hit me up on Twitter or send me a message if you have any questions!


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