Real Life Ships

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OTP Fangirl writes,

On the topic of shipping real life celebs, my question is at what point is it wrong or creepy to remain nostalgic and hopeful about a real life celeb couple that has broken up?

When a couple has been visibly together for a long time, naturally people build these lovely romantic narratives around them and how they are an “OTP”. But of course, many of these couples break up and inevitably I will see fans continue to post photos and even comment on the celebs’ social media that they should be back with their ex. Sometimes this happens years later and even after both celebs have visibly and happily moved on.

Why do you think people have such a hard time letting go of celeb couples who have broken up?

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Get a Life

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Team Sanan writes,

I want to stop fangirling, but it’s too difficult. How can I be a fangirl with moderation? I’m too distracted and I think I can’t focus on my own life. One of my habits is to download pictures, videos, and other stuff, to know who they are dating, where they live, and what school they are in. I think I’m too engrossed with their personal lives that I can’t focus on my own. Sometimes I feel envious that they get to experience a lot of things while I’m stuck at home and stalking them. I need help. I need to get a life.

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Drarry Quite Contrary

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Melissa writes,

Im the biggest fangirl for Drarry (Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter), to the point that I refuse to sleep because I’m reading stories about them. I can’t do homework or study, I’m procrastinating all the time, and it’s getting out of hand. I buy all the merchandise and I’ve watched the Harry Potter movies at least 8 times in a day. How do I stop this?

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I Saw It First

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Sarah writes,

I’ve developed this issue with getting pretty possessive of my favorite TV shows and even celebrities. I’m glad when more people watch my favorite show, because that’s obviously good and increases the chances of there being more seasons, but I feel jealous whenever I hear people talk about it at school.

I watched the show I’m currently obsessed with since January 2014. After it’s been broadcast in my country here too in summer, more people know and talk about it.  I have this nasty possessive feeling of having known it first. I know the thing’s obviously not mine and that’s a ridiculous thought. Perhaps it has to do with my disliking people around here, because they’ve always given me a feeling of being out of place, so naturally I don’t want them to enjoy the same things I love?

The bottom line is that I can’t handle the amount of people who love my favorite things too and even though they’re all over the world and I’ll never see them all in one place, I feel like I’m being crushed.

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Too Old to Fangirl

January 11, 2016 § 5 Comments

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Someone with Direction Infection writes,

I am obsessed with One Direction. I have all their albums in my phone and I know the songs by heart. I have a huge signed poster and more merchandise of them. I follow so many update accounts on twitter that I lost track, and I have all their notifications on. But where I come from, they are considered for kids.

I am 13, so in my opinion I kind of still am a kid. Although I don’t think that 1D is for kids. But my friends don’t think that way. They go on diets and have boyfriends and all that. So, I kind of get judged. Even my best friend kind of judges me.

I can’t give up on One Direction. I love them so much, but I don’t like being called a kid and it’s not very simple for me to get new friends that don’t think this way, because everyone around me thinks that way. Literally everyone. I don’t know anyone that I can’t go talk about 1D without them laughing in my face. What should I do? Help me!

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Please Notice Me

January 5, 2016 § 2 Comments


FangirlWithManyQuestions writes,

I’ve met my fave actress, I’ve talked to her, and it was wonderful! Now I’m about to meet her again but this time there will be many other fans around and I can already feel myself getting kinda… well jealous.

 My main problem is that I would like to make an impression, make her laugh or something like that (what fan doesn’t want that, right?), but I’m so scared to appear creepy that when I talk to her I hardly dare to say anything at all. My goal is it to talk to her & seem like a young woman who deeply respects & appreciates her work and who admires her as a human being. I don’t want her to see me as one of the 100 crazy fangirls who have trouble distinguishing between fiction and reality.

So what can I do to seem like a passionate young women rather than a crazy fan? And how do I stop being jealous of other fans who might get 5 secs more time with her than me & my friend? Hope you can help me Kathleen. 

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Party of One

December 17, 2015 § 1 Comment


Contentless in Cleveland writes,

I’m in love with an actress who, though by no means obscure, does not have an active fandom at all. If I want to look at GIFs of her pretty face, I have to make them myself. Her tumblr tag is full of dudes she just happens to have costarred with once. A new post about her appears on Instagram less than once per week, and then it’s usually just a poster for a film she appeared in (no starring role = no face on said poster). I have reached the bottom of her Getty Images page several times (JUST FOUR PAGES). Needless to say, there is no fanfiction to read about any of her characters.

What’s a fangirl to do when all she wants is the quick rush of seeing new content about her fave, and there is never any to be found? Am I all alone here? Hellooooooooo?

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The 24/7’s

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youtuberaddictionSophie writes,

I have an obsession with two YouTubers, and it’s really getting out of hand. I fantasize about them 24/7, even when I’m at school. It’s resulting in my grades dropping, and I no longer give a damn about the real world. I worry because my attitude to school has changed so much, and it’s parents’ evening soon.

This leads me onto my second problem: My parents really don’t understand my fangirling and it’s really getting me down. I know that it’s getting out of hand. I have tried to stop, but I can’t and there is nobody to help me, and if I say this my parents won’t understand! Help!

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Mini Fangirl Dilemmas!

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I get a lot of great questions from readers, but sometimes I don’t have time to answer them all. Here are a few mini questions with mini answers. But remember there are no small fangirl dilemmas. Only small fangirls. No really, some of us are short.

Q:  I’m fangirling so hard on Troye Sivan, that I think I’m gonna die. It’s at the worst phase now because he is having a show in the country right next to mine. LITERALLY HOURS AWAY. And I feel like I have missed my shot and now my life is over. Btw is ‘Fangirl Therapy’ a book?

A: hamiltonYou will not die. Troye Sivan’s brain isn’t even done developing yet, and neither is yours. You will have more shots for more creys. Work hard so you can afford to catch a glimpse of your faves. YAS A BOOK!

Q: I’m the type of fangirl who just becomes overly obsessed. I’ll find an anime or book series or a ship that I really like and then it’s all I can think about. My grades are dropping because of this. I don’t want to tell me parents this because everything I obsess about is something they hate, so I’m in trouble all the time. What should I do?

A: You sound like a character in a YA book that people would root for. What would this character do to make us raise our fists in triumph? Do that.

Q: I hate it when other fangirls of the same fandom get into HUGE shipping wars.


A: As Ghandi said, be the shipper you wish to see in the world. Maybe the rest won’t follow, but you’ll be hella calmer about it. Learning you can’t control other people is what we call extreme adulting.

Q: Help me I am experiencing The Creys and my abdomen hurts so much from it I literally can’t move and my mum is concerned about me and I keep rolling to attempt and stop the pain it hurts to much what are some methods to stop them.

A: That’s not creys; it’s anxiety. If your tum is still hurting, talk to your doctor or a counselor.


A: Choice 1- Climb on some floating debris and save yourself. Another vessel will come along and pick you up. Choice 2- Canon is only as real as you give it permission to be. Summon the fic and headcanon.

Q: If anonymous questions are welcomed, how come the Name field is required?

A: Who hurt you, sassmaster?

An Unscripted Life

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Unrequited Lover writes,

I have crushes on fictional characters. I know that I will never meet them and that there is no chance that we could ever be together, but I still refuse to accept it. I can’t even wrap my head around it.

Having such strong feelings for fictional characters is interfering with my real life. If someone ever asks me on a date, it’s very rare that I’ll even consider it, because of the feelings I have for characters that don’t exist. It’s starting to get out of hand, and I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities. Help me please!

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